DipX testimonials

Level of "hitchhikers" repellent seemed unreal compared to other dips

Maidenhead Aquatics-Cheddar | UK

Simon Foster

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“The level of hitchhikers repellent seemed unreal in relation to other dips. The dip almost seemed to stun the larger hitchhikers like pistol shrimps and crabs, allowing them to fall away from the rock, with the agitation dislodging them from the crevices and burrows. The high volume of detritus in the bucket was also surprising. We also tried it on Zoanthids, which everyone knows are especially dirty. 

Considering our time in the industry, we were again gladly surprised by the amount of detritus and hitchhikers within the dipping containers. “


How does DipX compare to other solutions?

“Easier to use, sheer volume of removed inverts ranging from crabs, pistol shrimps, polychaete worms, brittle stars, amphipods. Because of the longer dip time, we think the dip is much milder. This led to corals sometime not even closing down (zoas didn’t even shut!). Corals that did shut down reopened rapidly after reintroduction. Any pods on corals quickly dropped off.”

Nudibranches couldn’t hold on to the coral

Frag Farm Ltd. | UK

Doug Dorrat

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“The experience with the dip has been positive. In my experience no dip repels the nudibranchs, but just stuns them for a while. Our first test was a single Monti that had visible damage from nudis… it was very clear that the nudis were unable to hold on to the coral and fell off without any agitation of the water. I have not seen this before with any other dip.


We then decided to set up a full dipping station with about 4-5 liters of dip (made to the strength shown on the bottle), we installed a tiny 750l/hr return pump with enough flow to blow all the corals. We processed about half of one coral tray of Montis, an Acropora that had Acropora eating flatworms and I think a coral with polyclad. Anything on a coral was removed, including Asterina, Bristleworms, crabs, nudis, isopods, amphipods.”


How does DipX compare to other solutions?

“I have used other repelling products that would occasionally kill a coral.. most often very suddenly. I am confident that the dip is safe as we processed probably 100-150 corals and only one seemed stressful


, so statistically I would say that it is a sound product… not to mention the pine fresh smell that stayed in the farm until the next day.”

Disperses all macroscopic motile organisms

Perfect Aquatics | UK

Stuart Hazell

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“There is no doubt in my mind this product disperses all macroscopic motile organismsIt repelled flatworms, nudibranchs and other hitchhikers upon test. We used it on some existing sick corals and lots of hitchhikers came out. Great for Zoas.”

How does DipX compare to other solutions?

“Easy to use and seemed to remove more hitchhikers. The Corals were definitely less stressed, recovered as quick (if not quicker) than other products. Has a more pleasant odor”. 

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