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Enjoy a FREE extra year warranty on top of your standard 2-year warranty, by registering your new system within 90 days from your original date of purchase.


In addition, If you have purchased a REEFER G2 or REEFER-S system in the last 180 days, you can also benefit from one of our highly affordable 4th & 5th year extended warranty plans*.


All our warranties plans cover the glass aquarium and the aluminum cabinet frame and available to original purchasers only. (where applicable, T&Cs apply).


*Please note, the 4th & 5th year extended warranty programs are available in selected markets only.


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    Extended Warranty plans


    Extend your peace of mind with our extended warranty plans (prices do not include sales tax):


    Extend your peace of mind with our extended warranty plans:


    Extend your peace of mind with our extended warranty plans:




    Warranty FAQ


    • Where can I buy the warranty?
      You can only buy the warranty directly from Red Sea, via our website. To purchase it, you must first register your system here. Fill in all required data, then select either the 4Y warranty or the 5Y warranty.


    • What are the payment methods?
      Once you request an extended warranty, a Red Sea representative will contact you to settle the payment according to the various methods available in your specific region. Please note, that you can only request an extended warranty after registering your system, and within 180 days from the original date of purchase.


    • When does the warranty begin?
      The warranty is valid as of the aquarium purchase date (as shown on the invoice).


    • Can I transfer the warranty if I sell my system?
      No. The warranty is nontransferable.


    • How do I show a representative that my system is still under warranty?
      The warranty is linked to the tank serial number and is marked as such in Red Sea’s support systems. You will of course also get an invoice for your payment and a warranty certificate.