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ReefDose is designed and built specifically for the daily supplementing of reef aquariums.


ReefDose uses bespoke (patent-pending) single-drop-accuracy dosing heads together with an advanced controller that provides a full suite of features.


The “Dynamic Dosing Queue” run by the controller combines the desired dosing plans for each head into one coordinated daily dosing schedule for the complete device. The queue is automatically updated after any settings changes, and reschedules any doses that are missed due to unscheduled events such as power outages.


With programming through the ReefBeat App, ReefDose offers multiple options for fully automated, easy-set dosing, or a simple schedule of individually planned doses.


In addition to the regular flow rate, you can select the “Whisper” mode for almost silent operation, or “Turbo” mode if you want to get the dosing done as quickly as possible.


The ReefDose is part of Red Sea’s ReefBeat smart ecosystem, seamlessly integrating with all other ReefBeat devices.


  • Single drop accuracy dosing heads with a direct-drive planetary gear-motor, provides an accuracy of ± 0.05ml or an average deviation of 0.5% (over 10ml).
  • 4 easy-set, smart dosing options for each head, that are automatically combined into one coordinated schedule for the complete device.
  • Easy assembly click-on/off dosing heads (no tools or alignment required).
  • Automatic delay between the heads to prevent chemical interaction between supplements.
  • Daily dose per head of 0.2ml up to 1000ml in increments of 0.1ml.
  • On-demand manual dosing.
  • Secured connectors for flexible tubing: OD 5mm – ID 3mm.
  • 3 dosing flow rates: Whisper 15ml/min, Regular 30ml/min, Turbo 45 ml/min.
  • Motor life expectancy of 10 years – based on 250ml/day/head.


Single drop accuracy
Easy maintenance
Easy setup
Patent pending
Whisper mode

ReefDose 4

ReefDose 2

ReefBeat app

  • One interface for all of Red Sea’s smart devices.
  • Easy set-up and operation.
  • On-line monitoring and notifications.

ReefDose "How to" videos


Independent Reviews


Two Gay Reefers

Super simple calibration … takes all the guesswork out of calibrating your dosing system


Reef builders

It’s one thing to say something is accurate, it’s another to demonstrate it and the Reef Dose is really living up to that


Bulk Reef Supply

Set up is a breeze and will have you dosing your favorite reef tank major, minor, or trace elements in no time.


The Coral Centre

If you’re looking for convenience, innovation and highly accurate dosing pumps, then we recommend Red Sea’s Reef Dose range.

Maisie Anne Garcia Maramot, REEFER 625

I am surprised that no one has ever asked me which doser I preferred the most since I have both, Neptune DOS and Red Sea ReefDose. DOS was my very first doser and I love it, because it does its job, but I preferred and loved ReefDose instead. Why? It’s very sleek and compact and of course you get more heads for almost same price as DOS. Very accurate than the DOS. Way easier to program. It gives you notifications when container is almost empty. The best part of it is ReefDose will tell you when it misses a dose also then it will try to dose on a different times. I’m sure DOS can do that too, but programming is pain in a butt unlike ReefDose is just one click and done lol.

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Michael McRoberts, 3XL 900

Ridiculously accurate, quiet, and flawless is the easiest way to describe this beauty! The crew that designed it and mathematically programmed the amount of run time each head runs to prime the system as well as the amount that comes out during the calibration process of what they call "should run just long enough to fill 10 feet of tube to be ready to calibrate and dose" and then when you hit the calibrate button to fill 4 ml of product into the test cylinder-boom just like magic, it is unrealistically on point and perfect every single time! And then it literally just does exactly what it is supposed to do without literally any problems at all.

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Abdiel E. Villalobos, REEFER 250

100% recommend it, not only it’s pretty, but it’s easy to configure, and it’s very accurate with ... I finally did it! It’s not how I envisioned it in my mind, but close enough! The new Red Sea Dose pumps work as expected, flawlessly!!! The best part is that the app is in a English that I can understand, not the Chinese translation English, not hating on Asian products but I was really struggling with my former dose pump!!!

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Brandon Nikel , REEFER 625XXL

I honestly tried to think of something I would change or like to see done differently but I could... What is my favorite thing about it? By far the integration and features within the ReefBeat app. The GUI was well done and easy to use. I love the dosing queue and dosing log, gives me peace of mind being able to see what has and what will be added to the tank.

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Simon Foster, REEFER 3XL 900

A truly grand product and it’s doing a grand job I’ve got to admit I’m loving it and my tank seems to love the stability that the doser is providing it’s hard to explain but I have better polyp extension and it just has a better feel and look to it than by dumping in a days worth of elements in one go everyday. My experience of the doser is nothing but love...

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Jake Harkins, REEFER 250

Absolutely loving this doser. It has been everything I have hoped for it to be plus some Wi-Fi was very easy to setup and took minutes at most. Calibration and priming are very easy as well. I'm loving that it automatically divides your daily dose into 24 equal parts throughout the day, this takes out all the math and scheduling of individual dose points through the day. Lastly the dosing container volume alerts are awesome! Gives me an immediate heads up if reservoirs are running low and let's me know when I need to start looking at getting more chemicals. Great job Red Sea!!

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