Biological Maturation Program for all Marine and Reef Systems



The Tank Maturation Program  is a comprehensive, step by step program that enables hobbyists to achieve complete biological maturation including biological algae management.


Res Sea’s Tank Maturation program  gets your aquarium reef-ready to host even the most delicate coral species in approximately 21 days.


The Tank Maturation program includes a complete kit of maturation supplements and a full complement of accurate test kits required for the maturation process and the ongoing monitoring of key water parameters of fish-only seawater aquarium systems.


Most biological ‘cycling’ products only provide the bacteria that convert toxic waste products to nitrate. Red Sea’s Marine Care Program (MCP), however, completes the biological maturation process by establishing thriving colonies of anoxic (de-nitrifying and phosphate harboring) bacteria as well as ensuring the necessary conditions that will promote the growth of coralline algae and other micro fauna found in live rock and within a sand bed.


The Tank Maturation program includes step by step, detailed, instructions for each of the 21 days. The instructions  includes the quantities for each supplement and frequency of use, when to test the water and the results you should expect, when to do partial water changes and when to add various types of livestock.


Red Sea’s Tank Maturation program provides guaranteed results for hobbyists of all levels, preparing new systems for implementing Red Sea’s complete Reef Care Program for easy maintenance of full reef aquariums.

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Tank Maturation Program cycle

The Graph showing a typical behavior of the significant parameters during the biological maturation cycle using Red Sea’s Tank Maturation program





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