Reef Care Recipes®

The easy and effective way to maintain your reef aquarium

To easily achieve your reefing goals we created MyRecipe™ wizard which recommends the optimal water parameters, supplementing program and the salt which is best for you. 


Each Reef Care Recipe® outlines the ideal water parameters for your specific system, and explains how to maintain them:


  • Which salt mix you should use, and recommended water changes.
  • Which supplements should be added, with specific daily dosage levels.
  • Which water parameters need to be tested and how often.

All Recipes

Sorted by tank type and reefing goals

The Reef Care Recipes® consolidate years of hands-on experience using Red Sea’s 

Reef Care Program™ on tens of thousands of diverse reef tanks around the world.

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Soft only recipe

A variety of soft corals


Mixed reef recipes

A variety of soft, LPS and up to 25% SPS corals


SPS dominant recipes

A variety of soft, LPS and more than 50% SPS corals


Frag tank recipe

Refers to tanks that are mainly used to grow frags