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Sharon Ram

Red Sea's Chief scientist

Switching between reef salts

Red Sea Salts | Making the switch


Are you considering upgrading to one of our premium grade salts?


To prevent unwanted stress to your tank inhabitants, especially your corals, any changes to the water chemistry must be gradual.

This rule is even more valid when converting to Red Sea Salt or Coral Pro salt from other salt brands, as the chemical changes to your tank may be significant.


Red Sea salt and Coral Pro Salt contain a balanced concentration of all the major, minor, and trace elements found in tropical seawater. 

This means that switching from an unbalanced salt mix to Red Sea Salt or Coral Pro Salt will trigger highly beneficial biological processes in your tank.


Please note, these processes may temporarily stress your corals, and/or cause a bacterial bloom but this will quickly pass, without any long term effects.


We therefore recommend that switching to either of Red sea’s salts should be done by weekly water changes of no more than 15% at a time.

This rule also applies when converting from a low Alkalinity system (such as when using Red Sea Salt) to the higher Alkalinity Coral Pro Salt, which is usually done to enhance coral growth.


On the other hand, converting from Coral Pro Salt to Red Sea Salt can be done at a much faster rate, since their elemental composition is the same and lower Alkalinity has a minimal effect on your corals.


Ready to make the switch? watch this video to find out which of our salts is the best fit for your corals:

Check out the Tips & Tricks video on how to mix perfect seawater from Red Sea Salts:

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