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Sharon Ram

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Why lighting is so important for your reef aquarium

Lighting #1 | Red Sea Insights

Before we dive into common misconceptions about the lighting in reef aquariums in the blogs to come, here are 4 reasons why lighting is so important:


1. Photosynthesis

The entire reef ecosystem depends on light. Why? Because light drives photosynthesis. 

We know that corals gain 80 to 85% of their energy needs through the process of photosynthesis that converts light energy into chemical energy.

So, if light drives photosynthesis – who’s the driver? Well, that would be zooxanthellae. These microscopic algae provide the energy of photosynthesis to the coral. That makes them the primary producers in this complex ecosystem.


2. Coral Growth

A specific range of the blue light spectrum is directly responsible for coral growth.

Our research into the photobiology of corals shows that a specific wavelength within the blue light spectrum significantly stimulates the creation of new calcification centers in the corals’ skeleton.


3. Coral Colors

Other segments of the blue light are directly responsible for coral coloration. They stimulate the production of the coral’s pigments, also known as chromoproteins, which at the end of the day, is what we’re all after – vivid and vibrant colors.


4. Hormone production & immune system

Light regulates growth, pigments, hormone production and even enhances the immune system activity in fish and other invertebrates.

Learn more about Reef-Safe lighting, REEF-SPEC and why they’re so important for your reef aquarium in the next article >>


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