Red Sea MAX True REEF-SPEC for a successful Reef Creating Reef Conditions in your aquarium

The Red Sea MAX REEF-SPEC® performance criteria is the result of Red Sea’s years of research into the sustainable growth of all corals, including the most delicate “SPS” corals, in an artificial reef environment.

This knowledge, gained over 25 years, forms the basis for the specification of all Red Sea MAX aquarium systems designs.
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REEF-SPEC® Lighting

Light is the primary energy source in all coral reef ecosystems, as it is utilized by photosynthetic organisms that provide up to 85% of the nutrition for most corals. The important parameters for light are the intensity and the spectrum or more specifically the PAR (photosynthetic active radiation).


Light intensity of 1 watt per liter (4 watts per gal) of water is ideal for all reef inhabitants especially when provided by high intensity T5 fluorescent tubes that can be positioned close to the water surface, providing a strong and even light throughout the entire aquarium.


The REEF-SPEC® T5 Lighting Reef contained within Red Sea Max aquariums has been designed to provide the ideal intensity, PAR and spectrum for even the most demanding coral species.


The combination of tubes has been carefully selected in order to enhance the natural vibrant colors of your corals and fish.



REEF-SPEC® Filtration

Keeping the reef’s delicate creatures in a closed system requires special attention to water quality, by maintaining parameters within the narrow range that supports life. Effective filtration systems are made up of a number of elements, each performing complimentary tasks.


The heart of the Red Sea Max filtration is the protein skimmer which removes the vast majority of the wastes produced by the aquarium inhabitants, as well as thoroughly oxygenating the water. Reef-Spec skimmers supplied within the Max will turn the aquarium water volume 3 times per hour and have a water:air ratio of 3:1.


This skimmer specification sets Max filtration apart from other systems, and is necessary in order to provide the water quality required by delicate SPS corals.



REEF-SPEC® Circulation

Sufficient water movement is crucial for the well being of static coral reef species and helps maintain proper water quality parameters. Water flow provides the corals with the nutrients and minerals (e.g. calcium) necessary for growth as well as flushing away mucus and preventing stagnant areas where decomposing organic matter would otherwise accumulate.


Turbulence of the water surface is necessary to prevent the accumulation of a bio-film that reduces light penetration and efficient gas exchange.


Most corals that are suitable for reef aquariums come from shallow water with calm to moderate currents. A turnover of the total water volume of 10-15 times per hour is ideal, and every Max is supplied with the necessary pumps included, all housed discreetly within the design ensuring the beauty of the aquarium is not compromised.

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