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I have been reefkeeping since 2010. I started out with a small NANO tank, a clown fish and some soft corals, and it has progressively gotten bigger with harder-to-keep corals. I am currently running a Red Sea REEFER 250 mixed reef with:

I do a 10% water change once a week with Red Sea’s blue bucket salt, it always seems to brighten the tank! I saw for myself the results my local LFS was getting with Red Sea so decided to use Red Sea additives myself.


The reason why I chose a Red Sea tank was the build quality and the fact that it was rimless. Having had other tanks before, I have been extremely impressed with the quality, ease of use and set up of the tank. Pipe work all easy to assemble and does the job with ease.  Same with the additives, ease to use and have proven results time and time again.


I have been 100% happy with the growth and health of the corals I have seen whilst using Red Sea additives.  Everything is thriving and colours and growth are truly amazing.

Since adding the ReefLEDs things are growing even brighter and bigger!!  All the equipment has been easy and simple to set up, and without the need for a bridge between WiFi and the lights, they have been very reliable too.


We have all had our ups and downs, and at times can be frustrating if something isn’t right, but having my own little piece of ocean keeps me going. And when you see something suddenly start to grow or colour up it makes it all worthwhile. The customer service, advice and help I have received from Red Sea has been second to none, and I would not use or trust anyone else now!

To keep my levels in line with Red Sea Salt, I’m currently dosing the following, daily:

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