Dan Zada | REEFER XL 425

Reef Care Recipes | SPS Dominant

My name is Dan, I’m 39 years old and I live in Israel. For the past 15 years I’ve been down with the reefing fever :). After owning a few custom made tanks, I am currently running a Red Sea REEFER XL 425

The main reason I chose Red Sea was the high level of quality and thought they invest in every single aspect.

I use a Deltec 1456, but I plan on upgrading to Red Sea’s REEFER Skimmer very soon to better handle the load. Besides that, I’m running 3 ReefLED 90, 2 ReefWave 25 and a ClariSea 3000.

I have been following the SPS Dominant program from the Red Sea Reef Care Recipes for the past 2.5 years with great results: I use Red Sea Salt (blue bucket) and a daily usage of ABC+, NO3PO4-X and Reef Energy Plus (AB+).

Here is my Red Sea Reef Recipe:

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